Pizzeria Birra Moretti

Sitting down to a good beer, with good food in good company is the quintessential Italian experience. So when we were asked to increase trial and awareness of Birra Moretti, the authentic Italian beer, we created ‘Pizzeria Birra Moretti’ – a pop up pizzeria where consumers could enjoy all three.

In search of the perfect pizzaiolos, we partnered with Galway-based pizzeria ‘The Dough Bros’ – whose values and appreciation for quality ingredients make them a perfect match with Birra Moretti. So in May 2019, for one week only, we brought The Dough Bros to Dublin for Pizzeria Birra Moretti.

To highlight the tie between the two brands, The Dough Bros created a pizza made from top quality, authentic Italian ingredients that honoured the star of every bottle of Birra Moretti, Baffo. ‘The Baffo’ was a firm favourite with consumers and the most popular option on the menu.

We amplified the partnership and drove talkability and attendance with a combination of video content, influencer engagement and ongoing media relations. With queues on Camden Street for every night it was open, Pizzeria Birra Moretti was a hit!

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